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Nonwovens and Battery Anodes: Applying the Materials Science Framework

Dr. Yi Cui of Stanford and founder of battery company Amprius, recently published a paper outlining a new structure for battery anodes.  Graphite is the most commonly used anode material, durability constraints have prohibited adoption of silicon, despite the fact … Continue reading

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Quick Statistics on NC Amendment 1 Voting by County

Here are some quick graphs from the voting on NC Amendment 1.  The Amendment declares marriage to be between, “A man and a woman,” thereby making matrimony and civil union the exclusive domain of heterosexual couples. Red denotes the eight … Continue reading

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Corona and the U-2; The Components of Strategic Reconnaissance

President Eisenhower had granted the U-2 team at the CIA significant leeway in making their first flights in 1956; after over-flying Moscow and St. Petersburg in their first sorties on July 4 following Kruschev’s visit to the American Embassy the … Continue reading

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The Textile Supply Chain

Like most mature industries, the textile supply chain is large and complex. Materials which the lay person might view as substitutes can have dramatically different end applications. The savvy industry participant can sell the same good to different end users … Continue reading

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Disruption Promoters vs Actual Disruptors

A disruption promoter is a facet of an activity that is believed to be disruptive; but that is viewed ex ante.  Since the event is ex ante, it is unknowable whether or not it will actually be disruptive. A disruptor … Continue reading

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U-2 Spy Plane and a Component Theory of Innovation

Following World War II, during the presidency of former Supreme Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower, the US faced a defense and security issue previously unknown to mankind.  The combined invention of the atomic bomb and long-range bombers, and the accelerating pace … Continue reading

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Disruption: Planetary Resources Wins

Planetary Resources, with its roster of all-star billionaire investors and audacious business plan of mining asteroids has garnered significant press since emerging into the public’s eye.  My business crush on this company is comparable to my 2001 infatuation with; … Continue reading

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