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3D Printing: Chasm Crossing Applications

I’m a skeptic on 3D printing.  In talking with a good friend a few weeks ago, the challenge was made, “Okay, I get it that you’re a skeptic.  If you were managing that business, what would you do?”  Challenge accepted … Continue reading

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Big Trends: Robotics and Automation

Improvements and cost reductions in sensors, software and sub-components are driving down the cost of robotics and automation.  As the use of these systems increase, the potential impact is significant. Tomorrow, Thursday, June 27 is the day the results of … Continue reading

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Playing a Different Game: Genghis Khan and Maneuver Warfare

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History has a fantastic five-part series on the “Wrath of the Khans.”  Carlin’s fundamental point was to create a contrast to some popular histories Genghis Khan, which gloss over the pain and suffering created by the Khans … Continue reading

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Biography: Harry S Truman

The accomplishments of the 33rd US President, Harry S Truman, and the methods he used to achieve them are a great guide for the increasing complexity of the modern world.  Truman spoke clearly and did what he thought was right. … Continue reading

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An Apology to my European IT Team

In 2008 when we were opening the US office for a European maker of membrane production equipment, we had all of the early IT choices someone has to make when first opening a business. How should we access email? What … Continue reading

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Filtration in the Popular Media: Singapore Smoke

This June 21st article from the Economist, “Hazed and Confused; Smog over Singapore” covers the recent pollution challenges in Singapore.  The pollution is caused from fires used to clear lands in neighboring Indonesia – the smoke crosses the sea, making … Continue reading

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Autonomous Vehicles: The Future of the Car

There’s a coming inflection in how data and computational power are used in how we interact with vehicles.  Google is focused on self-driving vehicles, Ford is betting big on connected vehicles and finding business models that improve the safety and … Continue reading

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