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Google’s “Create a Filter” – Pure Torture If You Make Real Filters

Specialized software programs are unusual in the filtration industry – Excel and Minitab are used for data analysis, there are lots of .pdfs circulated with marketing materials and those are often originally crafted in PowerPoint, Word or other commonly used … Continue reading

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Industrial Tours

I love walking a plant floor. Unfortunately, most of what I see from working with customers can’t go out on the Internet, and if I do have photos, they are under NDA.  My son loves the show How It’s Made … Continue reading

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Filtration in the Popular Media: Ultrafine Particles and 3D Printing

Dr. Brent Stephens and his co-authors at the Illinois Institute of Technology attracted a good deal of popular press attention (TechCrunch Article) with their recent publication of, “Ultrafine paticle emissions from desktop 3-D Printers” in the journal of Atmospheric Environment. … Continue reading

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Peak Cable & Peak Car?

A September article by Bloomberg coined the term ‘Cord-Never’ in line with those who are ‘Cord-Cutters’ and have surrendered their cable or satellite subscription services.  The full economic impact of Peak Scenarios hit me while listening to an expert media … Continue reading

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Challenges in Measuring Nanofiber Adoption

As part of recent INDA RISE Conference, we were asked to pull together a presentation on industrial scale manufacturing of nanofiber (“NF”) membranes.  As part of that presentation I wound up covering some observations on why it is tough to … Continue reading

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