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Peak Privacy & Peak Televsion

On a recent episode of Tech News Today, host Tom Merritt spoke the words, “Privacy is going nowhere but down over the next few years.”  He is the first person I’ve heard to pull together all of these themes and … Continue reading

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Selling Tacos in Prague

Like most Americans, I consider tamales, tacos and tortas the food of my people – I grew up with all varieties of Tex-mex, Mexican, South American and other foods.  Walking through Prague the other day this sign immediately jumped out … Continue reading

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Our Gladwellian Future

Gladwellian stories are those that take a common assumption and then overturn it with data. As the cost of generating data decreases, and as inaccurate data grows, the genre finds itself in an arms race.  Determining what is enough data … Continue reading

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Interesting Article Themes

Certain quantitative market and population concepts pop up frequently. Peak X 2013, June – Initial blog post 2013, July – Peak Printer blog post 2013, October – Peak cable & car blog post 2013, October – Article on how we … Continue reading

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