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Recruiting is Fun 2: Date Before You Marry

A very smart friend who runs his own management assessment firm is in the process of figuring out his next steps after a well earned sabbatical.  He’s trying to address challenges that businesses have in recruiting and matching their needs … Continue reading

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Recruiting is Fun: Finding the Right People

One of my favorite parts of life is recruiting.  I loved it undergrad when organizations were bringing in new members (for me that was club volleyball and fraternity life).  It is even more pleasant in a professional setting. When we’re … Continue reading

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Automobile Mileage Forecasting

In losing my father-in-law, I was fortunate enough to receive his 2009 3-Series BMW.  My first car was a 1957 Chevy 4-door 210, the second was a Chevy Blazer that I drove until President Obama gave me a deal on … Continue reading

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Superbowl Post: Playing a Different Game

In 1906 the rules were modified to allow the forward pass American Football (aka “Gridiron”), defining the schism between football and rugby and enabling those teams that made use of the play to dominate their opponents.  If you had the … Continue reading

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The Path to Waze King

Finding new and interesting apps is a hobby with less payback than one would expect.  Waze is worth it.  I’m always in pursuit of apps that actually make your day better and was surprised at the number of Facebook posts … Continue reading

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