The Easiest Way to hit Inbox Zero for Peloton Ab Classes

The easiest way to hit ‘Inbox Zero‘ for the Peloton ab classes is to start by knocking out the ‘Beginner’ level courses at the 20 minute classes. These are great because they introduce all of the movements and show scaling for everything. As of 1/15 there are nine such classes.

A Gym Mat Makes This Easier

To Find these Classes

  • Under Strength classes
  • Sort by time = 20 minutes
  • Sort by easiest, or sort by ‘Beginner’ level
  • Here’s a link to all the exercises in these nine classes (Google Sheet), an image is listed below

What Next?

  • After that, pursue all of the 5 minute or 10 minute courses
  • Do one every day, or do as many as you can
  • Try to knock out a whole category
  • You’ll do so with a good set of fundamentals based on those 20 minute courses

All Current Classes

  • 5 minutes: 110 classes – There are 110 five minute Ab classes right now.
  • 10 minutes: 291 classes
  • 15 minutes: 51 classes
  • 20 minutes: 139 classes
  • 30 minutes: 11 classes
  • 45 minutes: Zero (no ideas please, Chase Tucker)
Starting with the easiest 20 minute ab classes makes life easy.

Since November of 2021, Peloton has removed nearly ten hours of Ab programming, the bulk of it coming from the removal of 244 five minute classes. With this challenge – that’s not your problem. Your goal is to do all of the classes in a category, that’s it.

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