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Book Review: Charles T. Munger’s Poor Charlie’s Almanack: Expanded Third Edition; Introduction and First Chapter

“Look for someone both smarter and wiser than you are.” Continue reading

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Hourigan’s 2001 Review of Goldratt’s The Goal: Constraints in Context at the Management And Accounting Web (“MAAW”)

There are three top reviews for Eliyahu Goldratt’s classic book, The Goal: The Theory of Constraints Institute review A 2001 review of The Goal by Chris Hourigan from the University of South Florida for the Management And Accounting Web (“MAAW”) … Continue reading

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Benoit Mandelbrot’s The Fractalist: Chapter by Chapter, Page by Page Review of an Excellent Autobiography

Mandelbrot’s breadth of work, language skills, and clarity make his autobiography a pleasure to read. Highlighting my favorite sentence on a page was my first step in an effort to improve my own writing. This led to page by page, … Continue reading

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Mandelbrot’s The Fractalist, Part 3: Chapters 21 – 29, “My Life’s Fruitful Third Stage” (1958 – 2010)

There is a grace and tact to Mandelbrot’s writing instilled from his upbringing – he has not written a ‘final’ part, simply ‘Part 3.’ Condensing the life of someone that unlocked so much knowledge starts to feel hopeless – he … Continue reading

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Mandelbrot’s The Fractalist, Afterword

Mandelbrot achieved a great deal, but felt his whole life that there was much more discovery that he could have given the world. The afterword closes out with the topics he had hoped to touch on, but was unable to … Continue reading

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Mandelbrot’s The Fractalist, Chapter 29: Beauty and Roughness: Full Circle

With only the Afterword left, these are the final words written by Mandelbrot. He begins with a weighty reflection about his 86 years of life, and closes with a wink to the reader, that the ‘fractal’ hints that were sprinkled … Continue reading

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Mandelbrot’s The Fractalist, Chapter 28: Has My Work Founded the First-Ever Broad Theory of Roughness?

“An important turn in my life occurred when I realized that something I had long been stating in footnotes should be put on the marquee.” Benoit Mandelbrot Continue reading

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