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Confusion & Covid 19; Virus Behavior Driven by Human Interpretation

Thanks to the Chartstravaganza by @PlanMaestro and Germany’s Christian Drosten who directs the Institute of Virology at the Charité Hospital in Berlin for providing this background information. Infectious disease is confusing. When Goldratt wrote The Goal, the hero Alex Rogo … Continue reading

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Facemasks, Medical PPE – How to Clean N95 Masks?

How do you clean N95 mask? Continue reading

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Healthcare PPE: Full Face Snorkel / Scuba Masks with Existing HME Connected with 3D Printing

For medical / healthcare professionals in need of protective gear, or perhaps without PAPR gear. Several groups have shown this approach to be valid to protecting the wearer from the disease. The images below link to a Pall element, and … Continue reading

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FAQ on Medical PPE, Facemasks, N95, etc.

These are my personal views and not that of any employer. The best resource on this is the summary from the Smart Air Filters website by their CEO, Paddy Robertson.  If you want to approach problem solving in manufacturing – start with Goldratt. … Continue reading

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Medical PPE and Corona Virus: The Ideal and Improvisation

I am not an expert in this space, but my credentials are reasonable. This is my personal outlook, not that of any employer. There are heartbreaking stories of hospitals calling for PPE – especially facemasks – and courageous stories of … Continue reading

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DIY Face Masks, Homemade Masks, Facemask Cleaning, and N95 vs Surgical for Corona Virus; The Excellent Paddy Robertson Posts from Smart Air Filters

I am not the author of these posts – they are from the Smart Air Filters website by their CEO, Paddy Robertson. With the COVID-19 and Corona Virus emergency, many are struggling to download these articles to make use of … Continue reading

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ICU, IAQ and COVID-19: Hospital and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Corona Virus

[I’m not an expert, but based on the degree of panic and activity and Corona Virus, I’m writing this in an attempt to be helpful.] Assumptions: The virus does not survive as an aerosol like measles, but it does appear … Continue reading

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