Cooking BBQ: Sous Vide Ribs, Rattlesnake Ribs

Prior to using a sous vide cooker, the household favorite recipe was the Rattlesnake Ribs from The New Basics Cookbook from the authors of the Silver Palate Cookbook. We’ve tried several sous vide recipes, and particularly like the Serious Eats recipe. (The good 3×3 of results vs time and temperature is from their website.) We also like the FitFoodie recipe.

Our approach to ribs and BBQ is pretty open:

  • always get rid of the membrane!
  • boiling is okay
  • we don’t own a smoker
  • sous vide is good
  • part of making good bbq, is that they are good as left overs
  • I prefer dry rub
  • if i can use a grill to finish them off – then that’s good too
  • I prefer a sticky BBQ sauce
  • Sweet Baby Ray’s sweet and spicy is pretty good. I like making new sauces and trying them out – but the point of the activity is the meat preparation and the rub.

Sous vide ribs are great – for the first day. However, sous vide cooking takes out all the fat. This makes them less good on the second day.

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