Supply Chain & Manufacturing Stories in the News: March – April 2022

In nearly 25 years of working in manufacturing with global supply chains, the business and financial coverage of the industry feels like it has really grown. Here are some articles that had good detail and insight:

Can the World Feed Itself? Historic Fertilizer Crunch Threatens Food Security (Bloomberg)

Intel Says to Expect Chip Delays Through 2024 (Daily Wire)

Can the US Navy Keep Ships “Rust-Free”? (Link)

Boeing Finds Dreamliner Flaws Everytime it Looks (WSJ no paywall)

Is Manganese the EV Answer? (IEEE)

How Many EVs Can Be Made? 3.8 mm < 1/2 of the 2022 Target (The Electric)

The Great Resignation Impacts Supply Chains by Impacting Talent (Industry Standard – No Paywall)

Food Supply Chain: Marmite in Short Supply in South Africa (The Economist – No Paywall)

Shanghai Shipping Container Jam (link)

Samsung’s Chip Struggles are Driven by Culture (link)

The World’s Largest Port is Closing (Armstrong)

Baby Formula Shortage Leads to Rationing (WSJ)

Los Angeles port hits records (freightwaves)

Europe’s Chip Plans (link)

Driver Shortages Explained (link)

Are China Port Closures to Blame for Continued Supply Chain Disruption? (link) (from @cmroberson06)

Top Supply Chain Stocks (link)

Warehouses and Ports by NPR (link) shared by Twitter

Why are US and European Semi Tractors Different? (Link)

Ford Bronco Delays (Link)

3M Slows Semiconductor PFAS Production (eetimes)

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