Goldratt’s Rules of Flow: Part 3, Chapters 20 – 27 60 Second Video Summary

In the final chapter, Marc and his sister are summoned to their parent’s house where Isaac hands the business over to Marc, compliments him for the changes he has created using the Theory of Constraints he’s learned in Professor Silver’s course, and let’s both of them know about his terminal disease.

Before we get there, there are two iconic chapters:

  • Chapter 20 starts at the Thanksgiving dinner table with Mark learning about synchronization from his mother, Laura.
  • Chapter 23, Marc learns about maintaining his energy while cycling with his nephew during a visit with his sister.

Amidst all these chapters we’re again in Professor Richard Silver’s executive MBA classroom, where we learn more ways to increase and maintain project flow, as well as the benefits of having high throughput for projects. Very importantly, Marc kisses his love interest, and employee, Abby in Chapter 25 when he thinks she will no longer be working for him.

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