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Reach Your Holiday Goals using Goldratt’s The Goal

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Alex Rogo used Theory of Constraints on his personal life – you can do the same to make the holidays easier. Continue reading

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Mandelbrot’s The Fractalist, Chapter 13: Life as a Grad Student and Philips Electronics Employee, 1950–52

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“Unlike Szolem, I enjoy intellectual fencing and occasionally showing off. Otherwise—like Szolem—I absolutely stopped having patience for their games.” Like Tversky and Kahneman – there had to be a base rate. Mandelbrot needed to engage with his peers and barb … Continue reading

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Moore’s Crossing the Chasm Ch 05: “Assemble the Invasion Force”

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“In the simplified model there are only two categories: (1) what we ship and (2) whatever else the customers need in order to achieve their compelling reason to buy.” Crossing the Chasm – Chapter 5, Location 1813 Continue reading

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