The Cliffs Notes Guide to Goldratt’s The Goal – Why Isn’t there one?

Purchasing CliffsNotes for highschool texts was a rush only outpaced by finding English copies of difficult to understand Spanish literature.  Why isn’t there one for Goldratt’s classic, The Goal?

Here are my guesses:

  • The legacy Goldratt institutions have defended the IP well – both as consultants and publishers.
  • Those Goldratt institutions are among many who have published summaries of the plot and of the major concepts.
  • There are tons of summaries online (over 100,000 words in just a few reviews) – including my own chapter-by-chapter review.
  • It is a short book – any summary would lose the nuance and educational power that can be gained by sitting down and reading the original text.
  • It’s an important book – the people who sit down to read it aren’t looking for shortcuts.  They want to know the subject matter.

The Goal is a great book – everyone should read it.  Everyone should understand the Theory of Constraints.


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