Constraints, Corona & Covid: Update with Everlywell testing, Chloroquine and Plasma Treatments

Goldratt teaches that to improve a system, we must identify the constraints, and then systematically work to relieve them. There are several constrains in the global pandemic:

  1. Is the information about the Coronavirus accurate?
    • How does it spread? (It does *not* aerosolize.)
    • When do symptoms become evident?
    • How many people who get the disease require medical assistance?
    • How many die?
  2. Can we test and identify people that have the virus?
    • Everlywell, an Austin, TX start up that was on Sharktank, has announced a future personal test kit.
  3. If someone comes down with COVID19, is the right equipment available?
    • PPE for the physicians (facemasks, etc.)
    • Respirators and ventilators for treatment
  4. Are there medicines and therapies that can treat or prevent the spread of the infection?
    • Is there a vaccine?
    • Are there medicines which help those who are infected?

A third medicine has been identified – another anti-malarial drug, Chloroquine. It is sold by Aventis (formerly Rhone Poulenc) under the trade name Nivaquine. A less aggressive version, hydroxychloroquine is also shown to work.

It also appears as if blood transfusions from those who have had the disease may also help immunize and activate the immune systems of others.

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