COVID-19: Understanding Mortality Rates from California and the California Coronavirus COVID-19 Statewide Update

California has the 5th highest number of positive diagnoses in the US, 67,939 as of Wednesday, May 13. When combined with the four states with the most diagnosed cases; New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts – the daily California Coronavirus COVID-19 Response shows that the disease continues to be deadly in the elderly population.

95% of deaths come from those 50 and older in the top five states; New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, and California.

Differences in how states report age groups make it hard to compare – the data also indicates that 85% of the deaths come from those age 60 and older.

38,344 of the 40,227 deaths recorded to date – 95% – are from those age 50 and older.

  • The missing component in all of these reports is clearer visibility about the number and status of recovered patients.
  • COVID-19 kills senior citizens at a very high rate.
  • California, compared to the top 4 states, has very good data visualization. They use the Tableau system for Covid-19 reporting.
  • California, like New York, does not make it easy to access actual numbers.
  • California uses the lowest number of age buckets – only 4. The buckets chosen are most similar to New Jersey.
  • Like Illinois – California makes an at attempt at branding – using the taglines of ‘Resilience Roadmap’ and ‘California FOR ALL’.

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