COVID-19: Website Communication from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Texas, and Georgia – Could the Florida Message be So good it saved lives?

Continuing to look at how states message the Covid-19 pandemic from the earlier review of the top 5 states by number of citizens with a positive diagnosis, we now look at states 6 – 10; Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Texas and Georgia.

Florida’s COVID-19 mantra, “Safe. Smart. Step by step.” is so clear and supported with their protection of the elderly that it likely saved lives.


  • Florida leads the way with more of a ‘marketing style’ message. Yes, they share public health data, but their website has been hands down the clearest.
  • Florida’s messaging is so clear, and supported by the Massachusetts mortality numbers, that it changed my personal messaging – “Protect the elderly.”
  • Many states have the de facto ‘Public Health’ style update; here are the numbers, make of them what you will.
  • None of the states have made an attempt to report on ‘Recoveries’ – which would be a compelling aspect to focus on from a marketing standpoint and alignment of public incentive.

Pennsylvania – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • Good mapping.
  • Very few slogans, one that shows up is; “It Takes All of Us to Fight COVID-19”

Michigan – Coronavirus / Michigan Data

  • Daily data
  • ‘Public Health’ driven

Florida – Florida COVID-19 Response

  • Very clear
  • Focused on action, not data
  • Florida’s COVID-19 slogan, “Safe. Smart. Step by step.” is the clearest of any state
  • Could the power of Florida’s messaging be good enough to have saved lives?

Texas – Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

  • The Texas site is a bit more visually confusing – it doesn’t have the data front and center, rather the message is more about ‘opening up.’

Georgia – COVID-19 Daily Status Report

  • Georgia Department of Public Health Daily Status Report
  • This is a pure Public Health update from the get go.

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