Goldratt’s Rules of Flow: Chapter 3 – “Re-evaluating”

[If you haven’t read the original version of The Goal – it’s a better book. Here’s a chapter-by-chapter video summary, and a <60 second summary too.]

[Click here for a 60 second video summary of the first 8 chapters of Goldratt’s rules of flow.]


Marc goes to a bar, he is single and never pursued the MBA he wanted to get. He turns to alcohol rather than dealing with the real problems in his life.

Best Quotes (Pages 11, 12)

“He never thought he’d end up alone.” Marc reflects alone at a bar, Page 11

“That means he’ll sign up for the Executive MBA program. He likes the sound of that.” Page 12

“I’m treating myself to something nice.” Marc says to bartender, Page 12

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