Goldratt’s Rules of Flow: Chapter 13 – “Full-kit”

[If you haven’t read the original version of The Goal – it’s a better book. Here’s a chapter-by-chapter video summary, and a <60 second summary too.]

Pages 71 – 80

Professor Silver introduces the concept of “full-kit” or thorough preparation via a written checklist and how to use a stage-gate type process to ensure full-kit before beginning a project. After the class Marc calls Abbie in excitement to let her know he’s got a solution for their woes, and is disappointed to find she is going out on a date.

Best Writing, Quotes

“He can’t work on his top priority because he is missing some final requirements.” Abbie describes the source of Noah’s mutiny in an email to Marc on Page 71

“You’re thinking about having mandatory ‘no interruptions’ hours during the day.” Kiara tells her classmates on Page 72.

“You need a full-kit.” Page 73

“‘Full-kit’ means that before we start a task or a project, we first verify we have everything we need to complete it.” Professor Richard Silver to the class, Page 73

“You can get all the items on the list ready and as soon as you start to work, you have to stop because you didn’t get the materials needed to take care of the screws and nails in the walls.” Prof. Silver on ‘Full-Kit’ Page 74

“The full-kit is a checklist that contains all the elements that are necessary to complete a task or a project.” Prof. Silver on Page 75

“With too many open projects, and the option to always move to another one, we are bound to forget to follow up and ensure we get whatever was missing.” Marc to his classmates on Page 75

Rick says, “In every project there is uncertainty, so we know we can’t always predict everything that we may need. But, to maximize the chances that the project won’t suffer from delays, the experts are the ones who should be in charge of full-kitting. This is a much better use of their time than firefighting emergencies caused by missing things.” – Page 76

Goldratt’s Rules of Flow, Page 76

“The next resource in line will not be permitted to start working on that task or project before we verify it has a full-kit.” – Page 77

“Describe the process of opening the gate; the process of verifying the full-kit and confirming the next task can start.” Page 78

“No worries, enjoy your date.” Marc to Abbie, who he appears to really want to ask out – Page 79.

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