Goldratt’s Rules of Flow: FIN, Chapter 27 – “The Contingency Plan”

[If you haven’t read the original version of The Goal – it’s the original, the classic. Here’s a chapter-by-chapter video summary, and a <60 second summary too.][Click here for a video summary of Rules of Flow.]

In the final chapter, we resolve the open issues – and the dreadful waiting game unleashed at the close of Chapter 25 by Isaac on Marc, his son and most valued employee, is brought to a close. Isaac discloses the terminal disease, shared first in Chapter 18, to Marc, and his sister, Sam, who has flown in for the dinner. Marc will be given the company to run, Sam will get a share of ownership – but had conveniently signed away interest in running the business already. Isaac has admired the ‘new ways’ that Marc has brought to the business and been giving him space to run – although to the reader it looked like abandonment.

Marc is so fired up to take the reins that he is now interested in talking with the private group not as a buyer of Wilson Advanced Solutions, but as a potential investor. We don’t get an easy resolution on his future with Abbie, but let’s just imagine that everything works out well. In the short, three page chapter, we don’t get much exposure to Marc’s reaction to his father’s pending death. The only real emotion is the outrage from Sam that her brother may have known before her. As a reader, I feel we’re provided a not-so-cryptic look into some historic events in the Goldratt family.

As an author, Dr. Efrat Goldratt-Ashlag has resolved one of the toughest parts of The Goal; that book really ends at Chapter 31, but then continues on for nine more chapters – nearly 80 more pages! By resolving the education message of the book coincident with the plot resolution – the passing of the business to Marc from Isaac, things are more neatly wrapped up.

Best Writing, Quotes (Pages 169 – 171)

“Did you know that Dad is sick?” Sam to Marc at their parent’s house, Page 169.

“And as you wished, you will receive your share, but will not be involved in any management decisions.” Marc to his daughter, Sam, Page 170.

“I wanted to give you space to try this new of running things.” Isaac says to Marc, Page 170

“It’s still early, but it is clear that you are on to a much better way of managing our projects.” Isaac to Marc, Page 170

“The company is yours now.” Isaac, Page 171

“I’m not looking for a buyer, I’m looking for an investor.” Page 171

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