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Carnegie 04.2.1: How to Win Friends and Influence People – PRINCIPLE 1 Become genuinely interested in other people – “Do This and You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere”

The chapter title is, “Do This and You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere”, which Carnegie answers with – PRINCIPLE 1 Become genuinely interested in other people. Best Quote(s) “I love my audience. I love my audience.” “I love being here,” is a … Continue reading

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How to Win Friends and Influence People: Chapter 0a – Why was this book written?

This book bounces along with catchy stories and pacing – a page by page summary makes sharing Carnegie’s insights a delight. I smiled writing this and at the thought of the reader doing the same. Continue reading

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The Goal – Chapter 22 – Constraint Tactics

This chapter starts and ends at the plant. Most of the dialog is about pragmatic implementation of Theory of Constraints principals. Highlight “I want recommendations on offloading the bottlenecks ready for our Wednesday staff meeting.” Rogo doesn’t solve the problem … Continue reading

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New or Better?

When new technologies arise there is a real desire to create a Disruptive Product(TM), to focus on the new and to avoid simply making a better version of the current market leader. Don’t fall into that trap. It is almost … Continue reading

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Industrial Business Models – Choice #1

Hardware is dead. Hardware is booming. Hardware is hard and no one should do it. Hardware is different. Hardware is the same. IoT, IIoT and additive manufacturing attract attention to heavy industry – where a thing is being produced and … Continue reading

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Trust: “We’re not following rules, but expect you to.”

There are many great political and social points in Catton’s histories of the American Civil War.  In his 1961 book The Coming Fury, he discusses how Southern plantation authors were going to Union generals and asking to have their slaves returned. … Continue reading

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“What does it take to be CEO?” Reflections a year after leaving.

The question caught me off guard. My interviews after resigning in October ‘16 were split between pure startups (IoT, Industrial, Fiber and Filtration related mostly), where having had the CEO title was enough, and bigger companies / past customers (mostly … Continue reading

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