Goldratt’s Rules of Flow: Chapter 25 – “Lead Time is Getting Shorter”

Snap back to reality
Oh, there goes gravity

– Eminem “Lose Yourself”

Big moves in the plot! Marc gets a call for “Mr. Wilson” and accepts it, but it was really a call to his father and now Marc knows that the business sale is about to close. What an accident? Or was it? Marc shares this message with Abbie in a distraught state, she consoles him and they kiss. It is sad how focused they are on their careers and how it prevents the development of their relationship.

Best Writing, Quotes (Pages 155 – 159)

“He has been avoiding his father since their argument about gate zero. He didn’t want his father to stop any more of his initiatives, and to his relief, his father didn’t make much effort to talk with him, either.” Marc hasn’t spoken to his father about the changes he’s made, Page 155

  • Isaac is also Marc’s manager.
  • We’d previously shown that hand-offs between managers and team members is essential to good flow; these two have not spoken in months.

“He can’t believe that he’s hearing about it by chance just because the buyer’s assistant, or whoever he was, called the wrong Wilson.” Marc learns of the potential private equity buyer through a mistake phone call, Page 156.

“It can’t wait.”

“Saturday, Marc,” says his father and the line goes dead. Page 157.

  • Marc’s father has a terminal disease and does not tell him.
  • Marc calls his boss because he has important business questions and is put off.
  • Isaac is not an impressive leader or father.

“She puts her hand on his shoulder to console him.” Abbie consoles Marc when he tells her what’s going on, Page 158.

“The kiss is exactly as he had imagined.” Marc and Abbie, Page 159.

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