The Goal – Chapter 14 – A Very Boring Dice Game

Still on his scout troop, Rogo creates a very boring dice game. This was one of Goldratt’s teaching methods. It is dull. Instead of reading the chapter, play the game on your own.


And the system gets further and further behind schedule.

In finance, this is somewhat akin to a bond yield. There is an optimal yield (the fastest finish time) if all payments are made on time at the assumed rate of return. But if the debt encounters variation, then there are all kinds of other yields – each less than optimal. The calculated yield is the best – the system must look out for discounts (time extensions).

Page by Page

P103 – I mean, obviously, we’d all go out of business if inventory was always increasing, and throughput was always decreasing.

P104 – Every time I roll the dice, I get a random number that is predictable only within a certain range, specifically numbers one to six on each die.

P105 – “How many matches do you think we can move through the line each time we go through the cycle?”

P106 – Anybody who does better than that, who averages more than 3.5 matches, doesn’t have to wash any dishes tonight.

P107 – If both Andy and Ben had rolled five’s, you’d have five matches to pass.

P108 – Graphic!

P109 – Indeed, some of the inventory which had been stuck in the first three bowls had finally moved to Dave.

P110 – If this had been an actual plant, half of our orders—or more—would have been late.

P112 – And the system gets further and further behind schedule.

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