MBA Class of 2023 – The Best Summary of The Goal

You really should read The Goal, this guide is written to augment your reading, serve as a refresher, and to help highlight areas you might have missed. (Link to the best synopsis of The Goal.)

  1. Written by someone with an MBA.
  2. I’d worked in manufacturing before going back to school.
  3. The Theory of Constraints is designed to be used – which is why there are so many modern references in the summary.
  4. The book is a product of its time – it was written in the 1980s by a brilliant software developer who was frustrated by seeing the same problems at customer after customer – now ToC is widely used in many industries and applications.
  5. The Goal is to be able to use TOC well – and to do that, you must first have been exposed to it.

The number one way to learn The Goal and Theory of Constraints the fastest?

Take a lesson you learned in the book and apply it in a conversation tonight or tomorrow.

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