Peloton Costs At 1,000 Rides: $1.43 per Class

Prior to my wife’s interest in a Peloton, I’d never even done a spin class. I like riding and had done some mountain bike biathlons when we were first married. Including our purchase of the original hardware, we’ve paid $5,140 to Peloton – and as a family we’ve completed 3,511 classes – giving us a cost per class $1.46.

We tend to assume that an hour of an organized activity will cost at least $20 – although drop in BJJ sessions can easily run $40. That makes $1.46 a real bargain.

Other benefits:

  • The ab classes are good, and maintaining a goal of ‘inbox zero’ is a good challenge.
  • It’s a great way to maintain health and recover from injury – personally it’s been great for avoiding a hip surgery.
  • The kids go in and out of phases of liking the bike, but it’s good to see them mix it in with their other training for volleyball and football.
  • It’s been a good bridge to other online training – I love the Yoga4Bjj team, and we got comfortable getting a Tonal (instead of a smith press and/or cable machine) because of our positive experience with the Peloton.
  • The Peloton is easy to customize and easy to repair. Yes, it costs a premium, but with that you get common parts and a large user base that is helpful in keeping everything working.

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