Goldratt’s Rules of Flow: Chapter 5 – “What is Triage?”

[If you haven’t read the original version of The Goal – it’s a better book. Here’s a chapter-by-chapter video summary, and a <60 second summary too.]

[Click here for a 60 second video summary of the first 8 chapters of Goldratt’s rules of flow.]


Marc works on homework from his executive MBA course over the weekend while reviewing projects at his office.

Best Writing (Pages 21 – 24)

“The homework for the Rules of Flow course is due today, which means he has three more hours before he has to post it.” – Page 21

“Triage is not only about prioritizing but also about deciding what is the right course of treatment.” – Page 22

“Marc makes sure that the experienced project managers work on the more complicated projects and when there is a need he gets them more people to help out.” – Page 23

“Both of them are rather small, they have little to no value, but they will take up some man hours to complete.” – Page 24

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