Goldratt’s Rules of Flow: Chapter 7 – “Removing the Nice-to-Haves”

[If you haven’t read the original version of The Goal – it’s a better book. Here’s a chapter-by-chapter video summary, and a <60 second summary too.]

[Click here for a 60 second video summary of the first 8 chapters of Goldratt’s rules of flow.]

Marc visits his sister, Sam, who runs their production site in the South. She’s not worried about their father selling and has a great family life.

Good Writing, Quotes

“He loves his nephew and nice and it has been months since he saw them last, at Sam’s fortieth birthday party.” Page 33

Throughout this chapter, Goldratt plays with themes from Christensen’s How Will You Measure Your Life?

“They got on a conference call with the customer, who sounded surprised by this inquiry so early in the process.” Page 34 – implementing triage is already showing an impact

“He wonders if she is single.” Marc is lonely – Page 35

“If I don’t like working for whoever buys the company, I’ll go work for someone else.” Sam to her brother, Marc – she’s not worried about Isaac selling, Page 36

“He has no idea how she ended up with a great husband and two wonderful kids.” Page 37

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