Goldratt’s 8 Rules Of Flow

Goldratt’s Rules of Flow is the most recent book under the banner of legendary operations research, however the actual ‘Rules’ are only presented as a list after the final chapter, after the conclusion on page 171. In this list – noted below and via a photograph of what would be page 173 – the rules are presented out of order in the way that they are presented in the book.

  1. Avoid bad multitasking, control your WIP.
  2. If you don’t want to get stuck, verify full-kit before you get going.
  3. Triage to ensure you are working on the right priorities.
  4. Ensure synchronization between your tasks / people / resources.
  5. If you keep going back to the same projects and you don’t get the desired results, look into the option to increase the dosage.
  6. Avoid unnecessary rework by finding what causes it.
  7. Standardization is recommended when improvising is costly.
  8. Abolish local optimum, global optimum is what matters.

These are all good rules, and are all in line with classic lessons from Deming in the realm of quality, and Covey from the world of self-improvement. From a writing standpoint, they could have been more integrated with the rest of the book and even used to advance the story. The protagonist, Marc Wilson, could have been pulling them together in his effort to save his father’s business, and then sharpened them through talking with Professor Rick Silver. Wilson could have assembled them with his co-workers, including his love interest, Abby, in the same way that Alex Rogo pulls together his five thinking steps in Chapter 37 of The Goal.

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