Global Fluids: Water Re-use and Recycling in Las Gallinas, CA

The Las Gallinas sewage agency expanded its recycling capabilities – adding 4,000,000 gallons per day to its previous total of 1,400,000 gallons – for a total of 5,400,000 gallons per day.

This makes for an annual total of 7.5 billion liters, ~2 billion gallons, 7.5 million cubic meters, 6,000 acre feet, or 47 million barrels.

Las Gallinas, CA adds Water Recycling Capacity

Looping that back into the great big list of Global Fluids and Volumes, that’s much more than the mere 100,000,000 liters of Kombucha brewed annually, ~50% more than global acetic acid production, and < 1/3 of annual wine production.

Las Gallinas added recycling capacity; global fluid volumes are staggering!

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