Cooking: Porterhouse & T-Bone Steaks Peter Luger Style For 2 – Easy, Fast, Delicious

How do you impress a date with a special meal that’s easy to do and can be prepared really quickly? What’s a great way to do an impressive dinner that is hearty and filling, and also prepared the right way for everyone at the table? Peter Luger’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn has had a great recipe for decades based on using lots of heat, a great cut of meat, and then a few special touches to keep everyone at the table happy. If you’ve got experience grilling and using the oven, this recipe is surprisingly easy to knock out successfully your first time.

Keys to Success:

  • Heat, heat, heat
  • Use a plate
  • Sear on grill
  • Cut to ‘finger width’
  • Oven broil for 3 – 12 minutes
  • Serve on plate, angled so as to pool steak and juices


  • Used cooking pan w foil, not the plate
  • used more than salt – Montréal and spicy rub
  • Broiling was done in toaster oven (nearly caused fire & smoke alarm)
  • Grill @ high heat worked really well

Next time:

  • Bigger steak – order ahead. Done! Success. Purchased $50 worth of meat from Whole Foods….
  • use oven for broil. Done! Made a big difference.
  • Use cast iron pans for oven roasting. Done! Used a Le Cruset enameled cast iron cooking tray.
  • Sear a little longer on the grill. Done! At first I thought I over cooked, then it turned out perfectly.
  • Seasoning… keep or change?!? Kept the same – everyone loved it.

YouTube Sources:

  • Frank Tufano (link)
  • Glorious Gluttony (link)
  • Jeremy Jacobwitz #Shorts #GoogleShorts (link)

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