Cooking BBQ: Rattlesnake Ribs Recipe

I grew up in Texas and my wife and I have spent most of our lives in the Southeast – we really love BBQ, cooking meats, and entertaining friends with a great meal. New England has good BBQ, but living here has also been a great excuse to focus more on cooking, enjoying, and sharing great recipes with friends and families. The Rattlesnake Rib recipe was a favorite of ours in North Carolina, where we’d cooked it at least twice before heading North in 2017. Recently, we’ve been playing with it again as we look for ways to share great meals with our new friends and neighbors.

Cooked 2x in NC, most recently in November 2021. Criteria for good ribs:

  • Touch of spice, touch of sweet
  • Not unhealthy
  • Family likes them!
  • Not too hard
  • Make use of tools available – no smoker
  • Good as left overs!

Modifications to recipe:

  • Rub was to wet, more of a ‘dip’
  • Let ribs sit over night
  • Use a store bought sauce
  • 1/2 the ribs were prepared as a dry rub with store bought rub

Changes for next time:

  • Boil longer, at least an hour longer
  • all dry rub
  • Higher temp for searing on the grill
  • Sear the meat first? Reverse the steps? I may look for ways to take what we’ve learned from the Peter Luger recipe to how we prepare the ribs!

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