Visit New England! 7 Day / 8 Night New England Trip Based out of Church Landing at Mill Falls Resort in Meredith, NH

This is an update of the Visit New Hampshire post, which has led ~50+ to come through since we moved to NH.

Possible Itineraries

  • Boston 2 nights => Meredith 4 nights => Portland 2 nights: 6 hours driving \
    • Detailed day-by-day list of activities for this agenda is below – leave us a note if you’d like similar detail on another agenda
  • Boston 1 night => Meredith 3 nights => Bar Harbor / Acadia 3 nights => Portland 1 night: 11 hours driving
  • Boston 2 nights => Meredith 2 nights => Bar Harbor / Acadia 2 nights => Portland 2 nights: 11 hours
  • Boston 1 night => Meredith 2 nights => Bar Harbor / Acadia 2 nights => Portland 1 night => Portsmouth, NH 1 night: 11 hours

Drive Times

  • Boston to Meredith takes 2 hours
  • Meredith to Portland, ME takes 2 hours
  • Meredith to Bar Harbor / Acadia takes 4.5 hours
  • Bar/Harbor / Acadia to Portland, ME takes 3 hours
  • Portland, ME to Boston takes 2 hours


  • Arrive BOS 11 am
  • Stay in Boston
  • Duck Tour (link)
  • Stay in Boston Seaport area – Seaport Hotel


  • Library tour (link)
  • Massachusetts State House (link)
  • Faneuil Hall (wikipedia) (National Park Service)
  • Bunker Hill Monument (National Park Service)
  • ‘Freedom Trail’ (link) – this links everything together, you’ll wind up doing most of it
  • Boston Commons – big park in front of the state house – the Duck Tour will take you through it
  • Dinner in North End – lots of good Italian food – Mike’s has really good Cannoli’s
  • Tea Party – not as good as Faneuil, may be more convenient as you walk around
  • Old North Church (link) – 1 if by land, 2 if by sea – the crypt tour tries to be like Europe, but is pretty short and not that impressive.
  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts (
  • Gardner Museum (link) – great fine art museum that is the home of the original collector, so you get two tours in one – very unique, very impressive




  • Hike flume gorge (link)
  • Bretton Woods
  • Breweries in Lincoln, NH
  • Mt Washington to the top (link)
  • Dinner in N Conway area


  • Day on a boat – tube, ski, sandbar, swim (link)
  • The Dive
  • Sandbars
  • More efoil?



  • Whale watching

Sunday – Depart Logan 5 pm

  • Stop at LL Bean Flagship store (link)
  • Drive to Logan

Open Questions:

Portland, Maine or Portsmouth, NH?

Answer: Go to Portland if you want to say you’ve been to Maine. Portsmouth feels younger, more up and coming, a little more authentic. Wentworth by the Sea is nice, we prefer it to Inn by the Sea. If it’s up to us, we go to Portsmouth. Both have lots of local breweries, slightly more in Portland.

Is Acadia wort the effort?

Yes, if you like hiking, and if you are ready for a ‘visiting a national park in peak season’ experience. It can be almost as busy as the Grand Canyon given it is the only park in the Northeast and it is very nice. We’ve stayed at The Harborside Hotel before, it’s nice. Many hotels will have minimum stays. It can feel like Cape Cod with specialty local hotels – but there are chains in Bar Harbor like Hilton Make sure to schedule a bike tour, use an ebike if you can – the park is known for its great network of gravel trails.

What about Vermont?

Vermont is beautiful, Lake Champlain is nice, it is great for new skiing options in the winter. Also, there is a Ben and Jerry’s in Meredith, which is pretty much the same experience. If you need to go, to say you’ve been, it’s 1 hour from Meredith and there are nice spots just past Dartmouth.

What else could you do?

There are lots of other options – Cape Cod, the islands including Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard – but from our perspective the Newport Rhode Island area (link), with the gilded age homes and nice beaches is a great visit. The Breakers was the beach home for the family that built the Biltmore Estate. We often visited it as a day trip, because like Cape Cod, it can be tough to find the right hotels.

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