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Fluid Notes: Solar Power, Ceramic Pressure Exchangers and the Cost of Desalination

A group out of MIT made an announcement that they are able to harness solar power with a low cost – lower cost than a conventional desal plant – that was able to deliver 6 liters per hour per square … Continue reading

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Fluid Notes: PFAS and the Water Supply

RO can create clean drinking water, but it concentrates PFAS. Carbon beds can capture PFAS, but it may be released later. Continue reading

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Fluid Notes: From Sea to Shining Sea – US Water Infrastructure from Boston's Deer Island to San Diego's Carlsbad

20,000,000 passengers per year fly over the 12 giant anaerobic digester eggs of Boston’s Deer Island. In April 2020, thousands of the world leaders in filtration will visit San Diego, 30 miles South of the Western Hemisphere’s largest desalination plant … Continue reading

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Fluid Notes: JP Morgan Healthcare Kicks off the 2020 Fluid News Year

Fluid Notes: JP Morgan Healthcare Drives Trends Through the Year Across Industries Continue reading

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Global Water: How Big Was Barry?

In the 30 days since the first post regarding global fluids and volumes, several stories around the economic impact of liquids have emerged – but the dominant one right now in the US is around the impact of Hurricane Barry … Continue reading

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