Seven Red Lines (1): Defend Your Technical Resources

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Don’t waste your technical team’s time.

Working with the world leaders in filtration and technical fabrics we get all kinds of inquiries that sound surprisingly similar to the meeting that Anderson the Expert sits through.  Requests aren’t fully thought through, the vocabulary of the technical needs is not commonly agreed to and many of the market drivers aren’t fully known.

As a commercial leader, our team has to defend our technical resources.

We’re in a market that has a lot of potential and future growth, but one that takes a lot of nurturing to grow.  If I double my sales resources, it won’t make much of an impact.  If I double my equipment capabilities, it won’t make much of an impact.  However, if I double the capacity of my application engineering and chemical engineering capabilities – it will have a big impact.

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts

D-fend your technical team from meetings like the one Anderson sits through.

Doubling the technical resources isn’t easy – especially in a field like ours which requires such a diverse array of engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical to name a few), scientific backgrounds and market application experience.

The best way to make good use of that team is to not waste their time.

Our front end sales team must understand on their own whether or not an opportunity is real.  Documentation for standardized products must be clear enough for a customer to understand without interpretation.  Any area where I can free up the resources of a technical person so that they can focus on helping customers achieve their goals is an area where I need to be investing.

We defend our technical resources such that we can deploy them in the highest value areas to do the best for our customers – and subjecting Anderson the Expert to a meeting like this is clearly a waste of his time and talent.

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