The Goal – Chapter 12 – Singles Bar

Like Chapter 7, this is a bridge to transition our narrator, Rogo, to another setting.

P090 – “Good-bye, you bastard!”  Someone else from Unicorp found this message when their spouse left them.  That is sad.

P091 – “Ever since you got into management, your career has come first and everyone else takes whatever is left.”  Julie Rogo to her husband, our narrator, Alex.

“Even when you’re home, you’re at the office. Sometimes I’ve seen the kids tell you something two or three times before you hear them.”

Rogo has conflicting goals:

  • Be a good spouse.
  • Save his plant.
  • His time is the constraint.

P092 – “I had no idea singles bars could be so depressing.” Julie Rogo goes for the gut, explaining where she was out to with her friend.


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