The Goal – Chapter 16 – Why hate Julie Rogo?

[I need to read The Goal fast, and the Theory of Constraints.][Video summary of Chapter 16.]

The most important part of this chapter is that we learn Rogo’s daughter’s name – Sharon. Julie is not a likable character, but as someone who has experienced similar relationship issues it might be that these scenes hit too close to home.

This is a bridge chapter like 7 and 12.

Page by Page

P120 – Al, I can’t handle always being last in line for you.

[Should he prioritize her as he had the efficiency of the NCX-10 before Jonah’s teachings? /sarcasm]

P121 – “Is Mommy still mad at me?”

P122 – “What did you do to her?” yells her mother.

P123 – “I’m very worried about her.”

It is reasonable to worry about any adult that flees from a problem and sheds their obligations as a parent. This is why Julie is so unlikable.

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