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The Goal: Based on Teamwork & Data

Goldratt takes several approaches to showing how Constraints impact a plant and even personal lives. Several approaches are used to educate the reader; Jonah serves as a mentor to Alex Rogo, educating him on what is going on. Rogo adopts … Continue reading

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The Breeze iOS App for iPhone 5s is Great

The Breeze iOS app by RunKeeper is amazing and very disruptive towards the personal pedometer / intelligent fitness tracker space within wearables. Software Only = No New Hardware I’ve looked at FitBit and other devices many times. ┬áMy wife has … Continue reading

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Our Gladwellian Future

Gladwellian stories are those that take a common assumption and then overturn it with data. As the cost of generating data decreases, and as inaccurate data grows, the genre finds itself in an arms race. ┬áDetermining what is enough data … Continue reading

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