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The Goal: Based on Teamwork & Data

Goldratt takes several approaches to showing how Constraints impact a plant and even personal lives. Several approaches are used to educate the reader; Jonah serves as a mentor to Alex Rogo, educating him on what is going on. Rogo adopts … Continue reading

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The Breeze iOS App for iPhone 5s is Great

The Breeze iOS app by RunKeeper is amazing and very disruptive towards the personal pedometer / intelligent fitness tracker space within wearables. Software Only = No New Hardware I’ve looked at FitBit and other devices many times.  My wife has … Continue reading

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Our Gladwellian Future

Gladwellian stories are those that take a common assumption and then overturn it with data. As the cost of generating data decreases, and as inaccurate data grows, the genre finds itself in an arms race.  Determining what is enough data … Continue reading

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