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5 Ways NBC Could Have Saved Olympic Coverage

Criticism of NBC’s coverage of the Rio Summer Olympics began early. Tear inducing back stories showing an Olympians inspiration and path to the games is a well known trope. The real tragedy that emerges from NBC’s blaming an entire generation … Continue reading

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The Breeze iOS App for iPhone 5s is Great

The Breeze iOS app by RunKeeper is amazing and very disruptive towards the personal pedometer / intelligent fitness tracker space within wearables. Software Only = No New Hardware I’ve looked at FitBit and other devices many times.  My wife has … Continue reading

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Facts are Stubborn Things: The CrossFit Open

“Facts are stubborn things,” John Adams, Second President of the United States (1735 – 1826) The CrossFit Open is a very honest assessment.  A few hundred thousand people do the same workout and you can see how you stack up. … Continue reading

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