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5 Ways NBC Could Have Saved Olympic Coverage

Criticism of NBC’s coverage of the Rio Summer Olympics began early. Tear inducing back stories showing an Olympians inspiration and path to the games is a well known trope. The real tragedy that emerges from NBC’s blaming an entire generation … Continue reading

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Google’s “Create a Filter” – Pure Torture If You Make Real Filters

Specialized software programs are unusual in the filtration industry – Excel and Minitab are used for data analysis, there are lots of .pdfs circulated with marketing materials and those are often originally crafted in PowerPoint, Word or other commonly used … Continue reading

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X is a Historical Accident

This article from paidContent explores the question, “What if the ‘mass media’ era was just an accident of history?”  Matthew Ingram, the author, talks about how there is “pervasive nostalgia” within the media business for the good old days.  The … Continue reading

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