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6 Ways to Get the Most out of Day 2 – #ISUM16

It’s Day 2 of the Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC.  Here are six ways to get the most out of it, based on what was shared on Day 1. Enjoy.  You’re out of the office.  Like Al Madrigal said – … Continue reading

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5 Ways NBC Could Have Saved Olympic Coverage

Criticism of NBC’s coverage of the Rio Summer Olympics began early. Tear inducing back stories showing an Olympians inspiration and path to the games is a well known trope. The real tragedy that emerges from NBC’s blaming an entire generation … Continue reading

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Improving PodCast Episode Discovery

Podcasting is a growing area of media which can provide real ad revenue to the producer and value to the listener.  Unfortunately, the ‘find a new podcast’ screen on the major podcast / podcatcher apps are disappointingly identical.  After hitting … Continue reading

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Podcast Innovations RFP

I’m at a truce with my podcast listening experience.  I’m very grateful to the show hosts – if anything I feel like I have a connection and personal relationship with them far beyond what I experince with other media.  However, … Continue reading

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Favorite Podcasts

My first digital music player was a Rio, and I first signed up for the iTunes store in 2005. But for a music phase in high school, Bob Dylan is the only artist for which I’ve regularly kept a music … Continue reading

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Peak Privacy & Peak Televsion

On a recent episode of Tech News Today, host Tom Merritt spoke the words, “Privacy is going nowhere but down over the next few years.”  He is the first person I’ve heard to pull together all of these themes and … Continue reading

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Selling Tacos in Prague

Like most Americans, I consider tamales, tacos and tortas the food of my people – I grew up with all varieties of Tex-mex, Mexican, South American and other foods.  Walking through Prague the other day this sign immediately jumped out … Continue reading

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Peak Printer and Newspaper as a Historical Accident

Market research firm Photizo Group provided a recent CompuWorld article on the current state of consumer printers with the graph on the right which shows that 2010 is expected to be ‘Peak Printer’ with just over 16 million global units … Continue reading

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X is a Historical Accident

This article from paidContent explores the question, “What if the ‘mass media’ era was just an accident of history?”  Matthew Ingram, the author, talks about how there is “pervasive nostalgia” within the media business for the good old days.  The … Continue reading

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Peak X: Applying Hubbert’s Peak Theory Beyond Natural Resources

Shell Oil Geologist Dr. M. King Hubbert (1903 – 1989) coined the phrase ‘Peak Oil’ based on his observations about petroleum production rates for a given geographic area.  Hubbert’s “Peak Theory” would be broadly stated as, “for a given geographic … Continue reading

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