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Censorship is a Feature of Media and Advertising: Tools and Software for Decentralized Coordination

Any successful organization must control (1) its own ability to contact members and (2) maintain in person activities through events such as meet-ups. Any group, no matter how benign the messaging, that depends on social networks for coordination, will eventually be influenced by censorship. Continue reading

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An Apology to my European IT Team

In 2008 when we were opening the US office for a European maker of membrane production equipment, we had all of the early IT choices someone has to make when first opening a business. How should we access email? What … Continue reading

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Email is the New Telegraph

India currently sends about 5,000 telegrams a day.  The same telegram that was pioneered in 1837 by Samuel Morse.  Telegram service is scheduled to end ‘next month’ according to the article and India’s system is the last of its type … Continue reading

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