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Technology Forecasting and Predictions: 2016 (7 of 7)

DTNS’s 2016 prediction show, #2657, was published on December 31, 2015 and along with the diverse group of hosts, there was a broad range of predictions in many areas. Virtual reality dominated from an air time standpoint.  With multiple big … Continue reading

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Tech Forecasting and Predictions 2015 (4 of 7)

After listening to six years of tech prediction shows  – it seemed only fair to add my own predictions based on industrial and slower moving technologies.  I’m attempting to follow the rules as laid out by DTNS and the observations made … Continue reading

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Tech Forecasting: Comments on 6 Years of Forecasts (3 of 7)

Over six years of prediction shows, when the hosts were right, they were very right.  When they were wrong, it was usually because they were too early or because of a surprise event in the area they were forecasting.  Most … Continue reading

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Tech Forecasting: 6 years of DTNS / Tom Merritt Outlook (2 of 7)

“Whoever checks to see if these are right?” – Tom Merritt, 2014 / DTNS 2396 End of year tech podcasts are full of tech forecasts for the coming year.   Looking back at six years of podcasts involving DTNS host Tom Merritt, … Continue reading

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USA Soccer and Brazil FIFA 2014: Not Just Happy to Be There

ESPN’s football/soccer podcast, “Men In Blazers” interviewed USA Soccer head coach Jurgen Klinnsman at South by Southwest in Austin, TX. At about 30 minutes in, in a light-hearted manner he talks about the US having a fan base that publicly … Continue reading

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Improving PodCast Episode Discovery

Podcasting is a growing area of media which can provide real ad revenue to the producer and value to the listener.  Unfortunately, the ‘find a new podcast’ screen on the major podcast / podcatcher apps are disappointingly identical.  After hitting … Continue reading

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Podcast Innovations RFP

I’m at a truce with my podcast listening experience.  I’m very grateful to the show hosts – if anything I feel like I have a connection and personal relationship with them far beyond what I experince with other media.  However, … Continue reading

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Software Tools for Listening to Spoken Audio

I love podcasts and audio books.  They’re an educational and entertaining way to fill background time – unless work is involved, then Bob Dylan is best.  Getting that spoken word content in a repeatable, hassle-free way is another challenge.  There … Continue reading

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Favorite Podcasts

My first digital music player was a Rio, and I first signed up for the iTunes store in 2005. But for a music phase in high school, Bob Dylan is the only artist for which I’ve regularly kept a music … Continue reading

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Playing a Different Game: Genghis Khan and Maneuver Warfare

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History has a fantastic five-part series on the “Wrath of the Khans.”  Carlin’s fundamental point was to create a contrast to some popular histories Genghis Khan, which gloss over the pain and suffering created by the Khans … Continue reading

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