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The Best SaaS Product I Ever Saw was built by a Towtruck Company in 2006

In 2002, after joining a former customer in the electronics industry which had raised $30 million, we went through a CRM evaluation.  The VP of Sales and VP of Engineering were at odds over the rate at which we were … Continue reading

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Peak Privacy & Peak Televsion

On a recent episode of Tech News Today, host Tom Merritt spoke the words, “Privacy is going nowhere but down over the next few years.”  He is the first person I’ve heard to pull together all of these themes and … Continue reading

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Andreessen Horowitz’s Missed Opportunity to Change VC Fee Structure

The fees that LPs pay to venture capitalists will only change if a top-tier VC fund volunteers to give its investors a discount. We’ll never know what would have happened had Andreessen Horowitz taken a different tact with their donations … Continue reading

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Emerging Manager Fund of Funds

This document was originally composed as part of the Carolina Venture Fellows program in 2004.  It was also used by Parish Capital in some of our early marketing materials. Introduction: The universe of emerging manager private equity fund-of-funds is both … Continue reading

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