Facts are Stubborn Things: The CrossFit Open

“Facts are stubborn things,”
John Adams, Second President of the United States
(1735 – 1826)

crossfitopenThe CrossFit Open is a very honest assessment.  A few hundred thousand people do the same workout and you can see how you stack up.  You can sort based on geography, look at the age of those who beat you and get an overall feel for how you did.

Wrapping up the workout, you’ll hear a lot of, “I could’ve done [better, worse, the same] with [insert fix here].”

I’m very comfortable with my performance, even if I had wanted more – the numbers don’t lie.  The results are what they are.  Only 14 chest to bar pullups on 14.2?  I wish I could do more, but I didn’t.  After 13.3 I spent the past year getting better at double-unders [aka jumping rope] – and I still only got three rounds and change on 14.1 (I did it twice).

Facts are facts – 14 this year.  11 last year in 13.5.

Three rounds in 13.3 is 90 double-unders, whereas last year I only got eleven in 13.3.

By dealing with facts, we know where we are and we can set goals about where we want to go.

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