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My Bad Calf Cramp was a Blood Clot

If you have a persistent bad calf cramp it could be indicative of a blood clot.  A blood clot, once in your body, can break off, go elsewhere and get into your lungs and/or brain and kill you.  I did … Continue reading

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CrossFit is for the Cheap and Lazy (Like Me)

CrossFit entered my life two years ago while working as an advisor with The Startup Factory to a health metrics company that was focused on the space.  If you are working as an adviser, then you should at least understand the … Continue reading

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Facts are Stubborn Things: The CrossFit Open

“Facts are stubborn things,” John Adams, Second President of the United States (1735 – 1826) The CrossFit Open is a very honest assessment.  A few hundred thousand people do the same workout and you can see how you stack up. … Continue reading

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