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COVID-19: Website Communication from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Texas, and Georgia – Could the Florida Message be So good it saved lives?

Florida’s COVID-19 mantra, “Safe. Smart. Step by step.” is so clear and supported with their protection of the elderly that it likely saved lives. Continue reading

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COVID-19: Understanding Mortality Rates from California and the California Coronavirus COVID-19 Statewide Update

95% of deaths come from those 50 and older in the top five states; New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, and California. Continue reading

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COVID-19 Kills Senior Citizens: Mortality Reporting from New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts

New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts represent the four states with the highest number of diagnosed cases of corona virus infection, 51% of all US diagnosed cases, and 57% of the deaths. … In Massachusetts #C19 will be the third leading cause of death in 2020 with a mortality rate of 70 per 100,000, and a rate of 1,009 for those 70 and older. Continue reading

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Constraints to COVID-19 Data Analysis: What would the ideal report look like?

Massachusetts circulates a great daily report on C19 every day at 4 PM – the “COVID-19 Dashboard” is posted every day and contains a very detailed, 30+ page summary of the State’s Covid response reporting. It must be very difficult … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Mortality Data Comparisons Between Massachusetts and 2017 US and Same State

The 4,840 deaths to date in Massachusetts, when adjusted by the current population of 6,939,373 and then back to the standard method shows a mortality rate of 69.7. Continue reading

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Confusion & Covid 19; Virus Behavior Driven by Human Interpretation

Thanks to the Chartstravaganza by @PlanMaestro and Germany’s Christian Drosten who directs the Institute of Virology at the Charité Hospital in Berlin for providing this background information. Infectious disease is confusing. When Goldratt wrote The Goal, the hero Alex Rogo … Continue reading

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ICU, IAQ and COVID-19: Hospital and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Corona Virus

[I’m not an expert, but based on the degree of panic and activity and Corona Virus, I’m writing this in an attempt to be helpful.] Assumptions: The virus does not survive as an aerosol like measles, but it does appear … Continue reading

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Constraints, Corona & Covid: Update with Everlywell testing, Chloroquine and Plasma Treatments

Goldratt teaches that to improve a system, we must identify the constraints, and then systematically work to relieve them. There are several constrains in the global pandemic: Is the information about the Coronavirus accurate? How does it spread? (It does … Continue reading

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Constraints, Corona, and Covid: Treatments – Remdesivir and Camostat Show Promise

Goldratt teaches that systems should be judged by their output, addressed at the highest level, and constraints should be removed. For a patient that has the disease, some treatment options are emerging. Remdesivir: Nucleotide analog Produced by Gilead, this class … Continue reading

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Better Writing, Better Communication; 10 Years, 300 Posts, 200,000 Words – 4 Steps to Success

What began as an undirected attempt to share my observations on domains where my background is unique, has shifted to taking those unique perspectives and applying them systematically to broader areas of society which attract a larger readership. Continue reading

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