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The Goal Best Summary

Alex fixes his troubled plant with the help of his mentor, Jonah, who uses the Socratic method to explain a problem solving system.  The method they use is the Theory of Constraints that was created by the author – Eliyahu … Continue reading

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The Most Popular Guides to Goldratt’s The Goal

“Whenever people are not doing the obvious – it is my job to find the missing piece of the puzzle.  Something is missing.  What is it?” Continue reading

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The Goal – Chapter 09 – Robots

Chapter 9 returns us to the factory as Rogo tries to uncover what is going on in his plant. Highlights “Tell him absolutely not,” I say. Late is better than wrong. Late can be forgiven – wrong is never forgotten. … Continue reading

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The Goal – Chapter 05 – The Worst Corporate Meeting

“They’re out there renting warehouses to store all the crap they’re buying so cost-effectively.”  Continue reading

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$TSLA’s Race Against Constraints

GP’s with a name portfolio company are coy with their humblebrag as they pitch new limited partners.  This isn’t the kid down the street who puts his Bo Jackson rookie card at the front of his card collection.  This is … Continue reading

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