World of Bluegrass Should be Raleigh and Durham’s SXSW

World of Bluegrass + Real Technology = Good for all of NC

Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill have always had a bit of inferiority complex about our place in the tech world.  Texas’s booming economy and a greater number of early stage investors has helped Austin pass us as a region when it comes to innovation.  But it is the fact that they have a party – SXSW, and that everyone goes, that seems to hurt the most.

RTP is the kid who didn’t get invited to the party.  Let’s fix that.

World of Bluegrass was a hit, and it is committed to be in Raleigh for 2014 and 2015.  It looks like if the numbers continue, it could be here long after that.

Work with the NCSU school of agriculture to talk about food technology.  The world leaders in technical textiles already come to Raleigh twice a year to talk shop under the leadership of the Nonwovens Institute at NCSU’s College of Textiles – let’s do a one day seminar on wearable tech.

Work with the entrepreneurship programs at Carolina and Duke.  Host one day tech sessions off site (American Tobacco Campus springs to mind) and then bring in music and run buses.

People want a good time with good music. The world is hungry for real, industrial technology – let’s feed that hunger and do it with a side of Carolina BBQ.

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