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5,000,000 Youtube Views for ‘Filtration’ – Tough Concepts the #1 Video Gets Right

5 million views is a lot for an industrial product – here are the concepts the top Youtube hit for ‘filtration’ got right. Continue reading

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“What does it take to be (a good) CEO?” Answer: People

All of the successes were from bringing in good people, helping them frame problems and getting them the tools they needed to be successful. The failures? They were mine – mostly due to not properly resourcing a problem with the … Continue reading

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Travel Guide: Clothing for Long Flights and Travel

Balancing comfort and style while regularly logging over 100,000 miles a year in flights (or even doing a few trans-oceanic flights a year) isn’t easy.  I’m good at identifying comfort – fortunately my wife, daughter and mother-in-law can help with the … Continue reading

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Nanofibers in Application: Dialysis using Zeolites in an Electrospun NF Web

The popular press has picked up on the publication of,  Fabrication of zeolite–polymer composite nanofibers for removal of uremic toxins from kidney failure patients by a team out of WPI-MANA.  Unfortunately, this article ties together many sensationalist components that are commonly … Continue reading

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World of Bluegrass Should be Raleigh and Durham’s SXSW

Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill have always had a bit of inferiority complex about our place in the tech world.  Texas’s booming economy and a greater number of early stage investors has helped Austin pass us as a region when … Continue reading

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Challenges in Measuring Nanofiber Adoption

As part of recent INDA RISE Conference, we were asked to pull together a presentation on industrial scale manufacturing of nanofiber (“NF”) membranes.  As part of that presentation I wound up covering some observations on why it is tough to … Continue reading

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Filtration in the Popular Media: Singapore Smoke

This June 21st article from the Economist, “Hazed and Confused; Smog over Singapore” covers the recent pollution challenges in Singapore.  The pollution is caused from fires used to clear lands in neighboring Indonesia – the smoke crosses the sea, making … Continue reading

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Filtration Challenges: Too Many Circles in my Venn Diagram

When we are working with a customer to design a new porous material, the first two criteria we often look at are (1) the efficiency (how much of the particulate are we going to capture, usually expressed as a % … Continue reading

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Nonwovens and Battery Anodes: Applying the Materials Science Framework

Dr. Yi Cui of Stanford and founder of battery company Amprius, recently published a paper outlining a new structure for battery anodes.  Graphite is the most commonly used anode material, durability constraints have prohibited adoption of silicon, despite the fact … Continue reading

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The Textile Supply Chain

Like most mature industries, the textile supply chain is large and complex. Materials which the lay person might view as substitutes can have dramatically different end applications. The savvy industry participant can sell the same good to different end users … Continue reading

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