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The Goal – Chapter 03

In the first two chapters, Goldratt has set the stage with a troubled plant combined with the demands of family life. Chapter 3 is short. Our narrator, Rogo, faces a dreaded event – attending a short noticed, bad news corporate … Continue reading

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The Goal – Chapter 01

Chapter 1 of The Goal pulls the reader right in: Goldratt, the author – and creator of Theory of Constraints – sets the book in the first person, positioning the reader as Alex Rogo. The setting is a manufacturing environment. … Continue reading

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Apple’s Watch – Offense or Defense?

Apple’s watch is the future of the company.  The watch will shrink in size, radio quality will improve, capabilities will grow and eventually watch revenues will pass the iPhone. No, no, no. Apple’s watch is a defensive play. Look for … Continue reading

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$TSLA’s Race Against Constraints

GP’s with a name portfolio company are coy with their humblebrag as they pitch new limited partners.  This isn’t the kid down the street who puts his Bo Jackson rookie card at the front of his card collection.  This is … Continue reading

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