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ICU, IAQ and COVID-19: Hospital and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Corona Virus

[I’m not an expert, but based on the degree of panic and activity and Corona Virus, I’m writing this in an attempt to be helpful.] Assumptions: The virus does not survive as an aerosol like measles, but it does appear … Continue reading

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Personal Credentials on Porous Materials, Facemasks, Indoor Air Quality, Hospital ICUs, and Infectious Disease

I’ve spent nearly 15 years working with porous materials – helping companies develop improved porous material products, designing the production systems that deliver membranes and nonwovens, and overseeing these supply chains. I am not a facemask expert – but I’ve … Continue reading

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Constraints, Corona & Covid: Update with Everlywell testing, Chloroquine and Plasma Treatments

Goldratt teaches that to improve a system, we must identify the constraints, and then systematically work to relieve them. There are several constrains in the global pandemic: Is the information about the Coronavirus accurate? How does it spread? (It does … Continue reading

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Constraints, Corona, and Covid: Treatments – Remdesivir and Camostat Show Promise

Goldratt teaches that systems should be judged by their output, addressed at the highest level, and constraints should be removed. For a patient that has the disease, some treatment options are emerging. Remdesivir: Nucleotide analog Produced by Gilead, this class … Continue reading

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Corona Virus, Public Health, Goldratt, Goals and Global Health

As SARS-2 containment and COVID19 treatment increase in importance – many global, regional and national systems are activating, cooperating and working towards solutions. The complexity begs for an application of Goldratt’s principles: Pick a Goal. Identify constraints between the current … Continue reading

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Fluid Notes: Solar Power, Ceramic Pressure Exchangers and the Cost of Desalination

A group out of MIT made an announcement that they are able to harness solar power with a low cost – lower cost than a conventional desal plant – that was able to deliver 6 liters per hour per square … Continue reading

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Fluid Notes: From Sea to Shining Sea – US Water Infrastructure from Boston’s Deer Island to San Diego’s Carlsbad

20,000,000 passengers per year fly over the 12 giant anaerobic digester eggs of Boston’s Deer Island. In April 2020, thousands of the world leaders in filtration will visit San Diego, 30 miles South of the Western Hemisphere’s largest desalination plant … Continue reading

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Charlie Munger’s Poor Charlie’s Almanack: Talk One – The Harvard School Commencement Speech

I don’t recommend buying this book, my summary here is to help others understand why I’d spend time elsewhere. Munger’s biographical sketches and collection of speeches and talks is sold as a coffee table sized hard copy book and no … Continue reading

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Moore’s Crossing the Chasm: Ch 03 “The D-Day Analogy”

[Read the entire chapter by chapter review of Crossing the Chasm.] Pages 75 – 104; Amazon Locations 1078 – 1468. Moore’s first chapter laid out his Technology Adoption Life Cycle and the second chapter showed its explanatory power.  In Chapter … Continue reading

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Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: Chapter 12 The Attack by Fire

Tzu 12: The Attack by Fire Best Quote(s) Sun Tzu has survived because of its brevity and universal appeal.  If I can only pick one quote – when only four were selected from this chapter, then my top choice is … Continue reading

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